Debt Management Processing

National Family Financial Solutions works with licensed and bonded 501 (c) (3() non-profit consumer credit solutions agencies to provide financial solutions. Our goal is to help individuals and their families get out of debt.

Processing Services

Your Debt Management company can now concentrate on credit counseling, education, and marketing your services. By outsourcing your account processing to a proven organization that handles the entire process, your customers will benefit from your increased attention to your services.

Our professional Debt Management Processing Services reduce the staffing requirements for your 501 (c) (3) Debt Management company so you can concentrate on providing educational services and acquiring new customers.

Compliance Standards

National Family Financial Solutions provides all of the backend services for processing debt management programs. Our compliance record for insuring proper management of services allows your company to stay focused on providing the other critically important services to your customers. It is industry standard that all Non-Profit organizations require timely disbursements of funds. We provide the proper professional debt management processing services.

"Your clients count on you to teach them how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. You can count on National Family Financial Solutions to process your customers debt management services and give them piece of mind."


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Debt Consolidation

debt consolidation informationThe Credit Counseling Program primarily benefits consumers who have accumulated a minimum of $3,000 in
unsecured debt and are now stuck paying high interest rates making it impossible to payoff the principle in a reasonable amount of time.


Basically, the Credit Counseling