Barbara P., Tucson , AZ , 9/06

This message is long over due. Sometimes people forget to say thank you to people who help them. I must acknowledge your company's professionalism and how pleased I am with the program. I started with them three years ago and have paid off more than half of my debt. I received my audit results and was most pleased. After my hip replacements surgery, times have been a little tough. If I had not joined the program, they would be much worse. Please pass on to your management how over the years, your staff has been very kind and helpful to me. I was only in the program for 36 months. Thank you again.

Brandon F., Dodge City , KS , 8/07

I would like to thank National Family Financial Solutions for all your help in our finances. As of today, August 22nd we are PAID IN FULL to all of our credit cards. I would like to close our account with you and again thank you for all of your help.

Chris N., Fresno , CA , 8/07

Thank you for your great service. It has saved us many years of frustration and debt. Thanks to your service we have been able to secure a home equity line of credit at a great interest rate.

Patricia A., Fairfield , CA , 3/04

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your credit counseling program. I am extremely satisfied with the service you have provided me thus far. I appreciate the fact that I am kept up to date with my bank draft information as well as the amount of money that is distributed to each creditor.. I would like to take advantage of the services I am rendered by your program such as helping me in reducing my interest rate, removing fees and re-aging account and/or my credit reporting issues. Again, thank you for your service, help and commitment to me.

Erin T., Mesquite , TX , 4/07

This program has been great so far! Since I've been in the program I have not had to worry or stress about paying my bills or if I have the money to pay them. Thank you!

Mary C., Irvine , CA , 2/06

I really appreciate this company helping me out, it took a big burden off my shoulders. All your representatives are A+ terrific! Thank you sooo much.

Angela B., Norristown , PA , 2/06

I would like to thank you for helping me get back on track. I recently paid off all my creditors and I feel it was because I had taken the first step with your organization that this was possible. Again, thank you for everything!

Ezell R., Chicago , IL , 5/05

I would like to thank you for your services the last three years. Now I'm able to pay off all creditors thanks to you. I'm giving you my account number along with accounts so you can stop sending payments. Once again I would like to thank you and say if I have any financial problems in the future that I'd give you first consideration.


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